The Blog shows you two ways to set up the PHP development environment on the Windows operating system. The first and popular way is to install the package like XAMPP(Apache, MySQL, PHP). The second way is to install everything separately.

xampp installation:

Download the xampp package.

When the download is complete run the.EXE file. Install simply using default settings. Once the installation is complete you need to start xampp control panel from the start window of your computer. Then you have to start APACHE and MYSQL from the control panel to start writing your PHP code.

APACHE service running every time when you want to execute the PHP script. And MYSQL service needs to be running when you want to use the database.

Xampp control panel for showing apache and my sql server
xampp control panel

Once APACHE and MYSQL is running your environment is set and you can write your PHP code.

Installation of Everything Separate.

PHP server:

Without a web server, we cannot run PHP code. A web server is compulsory. We can use a free service APACHE. Download Apache for free here. Or visit how to install PHP in detail.


MYSQL is a free and open-source database service that allows you to manage the database. Download MYSQL for free here.


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